Shoalwater Shawl FO

I blocked the shawl the other day and have just been waiting for some nice weather for a photo session.

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The yarn is Blue Heron Egyptian Cotton Laceweight which I bought off Ebay. The colourway is called Deep Blue Sea which I think is really fitting, I adore the colour changes in it and all the subtle but different blues and greens they managed to get in it and I think they work really well and are shown off well in this pattern.

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If you are considering knitting your first shawl but are worried about following a chart or doing anything too complicated then I suggest this pattern as a great place to start. The pattern repeats are constant and easy to memorise, I know a lot of people say that about stuff and I have a terrible memory so I knit lace with the pattern on my lap using post it notes to mark my row and count every stitch, but I managed to do these pattern repeats without having to look at the chart beyond the start and finish of each row by the time I got to the second chart. Plus there are only 2 charts for this shawl so you’re not frightened by a whole list of different charts being laid out in front of you which is great.

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In other knitting news I need to go button shopping to get the buttons for the Phildar cardigan and then I can finish it up. The ribbing was knit separately so that is almost all done except for needing the buttonholes and half the second front band, can’t do those until I know how big the buttons are going to be!

I started a new cardigan from the book Textured Knits by Julia Cooper, it’s the cover sweater and I am using some of my All Seasons Cotton from the stash (the blue/grey colour) for it. It’s not a complicated pattern but it does require constant counting to 10 and then 4 so it’s not the easiest tv knitting (especially now we’re watching the last series of The West Wing which requires concentration to follow, no spoilers please we didn’t see it when it was on tv!) but I adore knitting with All Seasons Cotton so it’s a treat.

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That’s the first front just ready to start the armhole decreases.

I have also started another pair of Sock Candy socks using the Kiwi colourway, finally one that I can use 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles for!

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For the first time ever I am getting runs between the needles on these so I am moving the stitches about and pulling very tight. I’ve never knit socks on this size needle before so I’m not sure if it’s that or if the yarn isn’t quite right for this size or what, I’ve never had runs on 2.25mm, 2.75mm or 3.25mm (or larger) dpns, it’s very strange!

In sewing news I finished my Mother’s bag, I need to buy a button when I get the Phildar Cardigan ones this week (we will see her this weekend, her Birthday is Sunday). I am moving along on her nightdress as well which is part of the present and need to buy a couple of little things to go in the bag with it while I’m in town, just not sure when I will get to go as Little One started Nursery for the whole session yesterday (he’d done a week and a half of 1 hour a day) and he’s gong to be shattered for a few weeks so dragging him on the train into town won’t be much fun for him and as it starts at 12.45 (stupid stupid time) we don’t have time to go in the morning either. That was a really long sentence!


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