Like most little boys at some point Little One is currently interested in trains, so I made use of some stash fabric to make up some things for him.

The fabric for this top was dyed ages ago, it’s PRR trains sweatshirt fabric and I think I used Tartan Green Dylon on it, should have written it down really!

Image Hosted by

The pattern is from Kwiksew Sewing for Toddlers again, it took almost exactly an hour to make this up (it had been cut out earlier), I know this as that was exactly how much sewing time I had in that sitting! The blue really stands out well on the background colour and Little One really likes it so we’re both happy.

This is the 3rd pair of 4 sets of winter pjs for Little One:

Image Hosted by

This is Kwiksew 3126 yet again, but it’s a great pattern and very simple so I will carry on using it until Little One is out of T4 size. I looked at the Kwiksew site and they don’t do a small child pj pattern, the next size they have is for age 7 so I’m hoping I have a vintage pattern in my collection to bridge those sizes. I straightened the legs of the bottoms again to bring them up to date fashion wise and Little One wore them last night and was very happy with them.

I have a few more bits to make for Little One and my plan at the moment is to sew all those up before getting back to things for me. I need to find a bag pattern for my carry on as well, so far I’ve not located a pattern I own that is the right size, I need to look at the Amy Butler Nappy Bag and see if that is the right size or not.

I have sewn the side seams of the Phildar Cardigan and the sleeve seams and I now need to connect the 2 together and then sew on all the ribbing. I finished knitting the main piece of the second wristwarmer and now need to knit the thumbs on both of them. I also need to find a nice ribbed hat pattern to use with the same yarn and then a scarf pattern that I like to match, I tried ribbing for it and then a pattern off the internet but neither of them worked for me. It needs to be something simple so that I can knit it whilst watching tv or reading blogs, but not too dull as I will be using 4mm needles so it will take me a while to knit it up!

I am still lacking a main project to knit, I really must find something. I think I will just take socks to Portland (must email the airline and ask if I can knit on board), if I take a plain pair and a patterned pair then I cover my bases. I do intend to visit some yarn stores so I may pick up something to knit on the way back!

We bought our suitcases over the weekend and a few other bits like batteries that we will need. I have also booked some tickets for a ride on the Portland Duck and some Blazers (basketball) tickets, not wonderful seats but as we’ve never seen a live basketball game we’re not sure how long we’ll last! Must book the hire car now and carry on printing off places to look at while we’re there. I’m starting to worry about leaving Little One now though, it’s a long time to go away (9 days) and although I know he will be more than well looked after we’ve never left him for more than 2 days before. Have any of you ever left a toddler and gone away? If so I’d love to hear how you got on, my parents went away a few times when we were kids but we were all older I think.


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