False Starts

After making one carry on bag for the flight which turned out too large I decided I was going to be damn certain of the correct measurements before embarking on a second bag. It has taken me two days to get measurements confirmed, the electronic helpdesk for the airline, after an amusing short back and forth in which the lady totally contradicted herself, admitted that they didn’t actually know what size the bag could be. I finally got in touch with someone else today who gave me the new larger figures as the correct ones but then tried to tell me that the smallest of the measurements were for the height of the bag. Whoever is writing these websites doesn’t think that height, width and depth are important indicators to provide… Anyway, she gave me another website to look at which actually had a picture of a bag with the measurements marked on it, the smallest one being the depth. I am pretty certain that I will be fine with a bag that size even though in the text of the very same website, about five lines under the picture, the height and width have been listed in reverse sizes…. Sigh.

I have pattern and fabric all ready to go so I will get that cut out tonight and made up, it’s going to look pretty groovy with my big red suitcase!

It looks like I probably won’t be able to knit on the flight. I think I should be able to within America but from the UK to the USA they don’t seem to be that hot on it, one website actually lists it as an offense to take knitting needles on an airplane. I’ve been told at least twice now as well that it’s basically down to whoever is getting you through security, so much for being consistent. I will take just the plain socks and put them near the top of my luggage so I can take them out when we get to Newark, I am bound to be bored of tv, books and magazines by then!

I was thinking of asking at the check-in desk but they could say yes there and then no at the security station at which point I’d either have to post my needles to myself or surrender them leaving me with no knitting at all (until I found a yarn shop, why don’t they have those in airports?) so I think in the case is the safest.

Today I also had the exciting chore of sorting out carpet for the hallway, landing and stairs. I had picked some out that I liked the other day and they came to measure this morning. Unfortunately, as always, my taste is far better than my bank balance so I had to find a different carpet I liked, I also picked some flooring for under the stairs which is the last unfinished floor and then went off to pick up Little One from school. We went back in to pay on the way home to find that neither of the items we’d picked were in stock… I got the under stairs flooring that I had originally wanted but couldn’t afford at the price of the lower one that was out of stock and went for a slightly darker carpet than I’d intended but I think it will look ok. They come and fit that on Monday, the decorating will apparently be done on Friday, and then on Wednesday MIL and I are off to Ikea where I will get some pictures and frames for the hallway, yippee!

I have finally found a sweater to knit, it’s Licorice Whip and I am using the dark All Season’s cotton for it. It got off to a silly start as the cast on figure is wrong for the size I’m making, but I sorted that and have been making slow progress as I was getting used to the pattern. Today I had a look at it and realised that I had somehow picked up a spare stitch right beside the front pattern, had it been the side I probably would have left it but I knew it would bug me so out was ripped almost a whole ball of yarn and I started again. That poor ball has now been knit twice and ripped so I am going to leave it alone for a while and knit the new stuff!

The Phildar Cardigan is not doing well with the finishing. When I was sewing the side seams I managed to sew the 2 fronts together by mistake and had to rip it all out. The other day I sewed the sleeves in and then sewed the 2 front ribbed bands on. I went to sew the final piece on, the collar, and discovered that I should have sewn that on first and then stretched the front bands to meet the top of it, rather than stretching it across the front of the bands. Had I been working from the magazine which has a clearer picture I would have seen it but as I was working from the translation booklet which simply says ‘sew ribbing onto cardigan’ I messed it up and will need to rip it out and do it again. Good job I have half a ball of yarn left, I’m going to use it all up if it carries on like this!

So, we shall see what else is in store this week, hopefully I will get some things done first time, if I’m lucky that is!

Oh, and if any of you have my Flickr bookmarked and wonder where the hell all the knitting pictures came from, I decided to move all my FO pictures and details onto Flickr, it seemed silly to have pictures all over the Internet. I am keeping my Imageshack for blog pictures but everything else I will put in the Flickr account so I know where to find it!


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