Fingerless Mittens FO

I finished these off today, all I needed to do was knit the thumbs and sew in the ends. This was a really quick an easy project, and I adore the colours in this yarn (even if it is cheap acrylic!).

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I didn’t use a pattern except for the number of stitches to cast on, I used 44 stitches on 3.25mm needles and knit 2×2 ribbing until I wanted the thumb hole, then I knit back and forth until the hole was long enough. Once I was done with that I knit in the round again until the mitten was long enough and then cast off. For each thumb I picked up 16 stitches around the hole and knit 2×2 ribbing until it felt long enough and then cast off.

Thanks for the suggestions about knitting on the airplane. I think what I will do is take a new sock to knit and pack one set of dpns in my case and the other in my carry on bag with the yarn. I will take along a self addressed stamped envelope in case I can’t take the needles on the plane. I get fidgitty very quickly when I’m supposed to sit still and even though I will have stuff to read, watch and and listen to I would really love to have some knitting to work on as well. I will report if I change my mind again! As I said, I should be fine flying within the US, it’s just international flights, particularly from the UK at the moment, where they’re not so keen on the knitting.

I re-knit all but 4 rows of the Licorice Whip sweater last night so I’m almost back to where I ripped from, but at least I know I’m happy with it this time! I also changed the markers I was using, there are 10 markers used for this sweater and the ones I had were so noisy that it was hard to hear the tv over them!

I ripped out the lace pink sock I was working on, I had only knit an inch of it in about a month and I’m just not in the mood for lace sock on 2.25mm needles at the moment so it was getting bashed about at the bottom of the knitting basket. I will do that pattern one day, just not right now!


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