Carbon Sock Candy Socks FO

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I just finished these this morning, after finishing the first of DH’s Trekking socks I was feeling a little sock overwhelmed so decided to actually finish a pair before casting on for the second one!

This is a plain old 52 stitch sock using a short row heel with single wraps that I found online. There are a few small holes but it actually looks better than my attempts at double wrapped heels so I will keep working on it!

I decided to cast on for the Greenwood socks again but this time working toe up and using 2.5mm needles. The colours aren’t swirling around now and it looks much better, the toe is a little pointy as I should have cast on more stitches to begin with but I am happy to leave that as when it’s stretched out on the foot it shouldn’t be obvious.

Licorice Whip is coming along as well, I’ve now done the 4 inches of the body called for before the waist shaping so it’s out with the counter tonight. I managed to drop my ball of yarn in my tea last night so for a while I was knitting with some soggy yarn which was a bit annoying but I got past the wet bit in the end! Luckily it was herbal tea rather than coffee which I have with rice milk and sugar or it would have been wet and sticky!

I will try and do the second part of our trip this weekend. I’ve been suffering from post-Portland blues and have also been extremely tired and unproductive since we got back. I think the later was from a combination of jet lag and the weather here being decidedly chilly and making me want to hibernate. I finally got myself going yesterday and did some cooking and also sewed the trousers for Little One’s last pair of winter pjs, I will get going on the shirt this afternoon while he’s at school.


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