Comprehensive My Arse

I spent a good hour or so this afternoon wrestling with the US Immigration website and the US London Embassy version of the site trying to find answers to my questions about DH applying for a Green Card. In the end I rang the Embassy to be told by a recording that all the answers to my questions could be found on their ‘comprehensive’ website. So bloody comprehensive that when you try to download or view the forms you need a nice page comes up telling you that the page may have been there before their October 2006 site upgrade but is no longer available, seems no one though to either update the links or replace the documents (funnily enough the link to the credit card form you have to enclose to pay them is the only one working)….

When I finally got through to a real live person it appears that the only possible way I can get my questions answered is to ring a telephone line that will cost me £1.20 ($2.16) per minute. Seeing as the US helpline is a toll free number this really pisses me off.

The things I want to know aren’t hard questions either, just confirmation of contradictory statements regarding a Affidavit of Support and a need to know whether there is a time limit that the green card has to be used within once it’s issued, you’d think they would let you know that….

When I’m less angry I will bit the bullet and make the call, but I will resent every 2 pence damn second of it… Why if they have a website can they not have an email address for enquiries, I guess they couldn’t charge you if they did.

I have almost completed the sewing of two parts of a three part outfit for Little One so there will be photos of that soon. I’m also on the foot of DH’s second Trekking socks so those will be done this week, of course now I’m that close I have cast on for yet another pair of socks for myself, I am still not really inclined to be knitting anything but socks, although I would like to finish Licorice Whip and the Phildar Cardigan by the end of the year, stay tuned to find out if I’m living in a sock filled dreamland.


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