Not Going To Happen

My Mother’s bag isn’t going to be finished in time for Christmas. I’m finding the pattern quite confusing and my sewing doesn’t seem to be up to scratch at all. Add to that the fact that I thought I would have 10 hours of sewing time this week totally forgetting that Little One finished school on Tuesday so that only gave me 4 hours (this bag is too hard to work on while tired) there’s no way I’m going to get it done.

So, I’m thinking perhaps I will pull out one of my easier bag patterns and whip one up for a present (the bag was half her present) and perhaps finish this off properly and unrushed for her Birthday (which isn’t until September) or maybe I should wrap up the pattern and give her an IOU, which I’ve never done before and seems a bit cheap to me.

I think I probably will try to sew her something quick, I have a t-shirt pattern I’ve used for her before which I know fits her perfectly and plenty of easy bags and plenty of fabric (!) that I could use. I have until Saturday morning to get it done at which point the sewing room has to be transformed into their bedroom for the duration of their stay. If I don’t make it then it will have to be the wrapped pattern, I know she won’t mind but I will, I was so looking forward to giving her this gift and one little picture and badly worded instruction is holding me up, it’s a small step but very important for each piece and I just can’t get it right at the moment….

Knitting is chugging along slowly, all socks all the time still but hey, they make me happy and are easy so what the hell.

If I don’t get time to post before I hope everyone has a great Christmas!


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