Greenwood Socks FO

I finally finished off these socks, took me long enough!

Believe it or not these are from the same skein, not 2 different skeins and they were knit on the same size needles, so why one went stripey and the other didn’t is anyone’s guess really and a bit irritating. I do hope the other skein I bought doesn’t do the same thing.

These are a standard toe up sock using 54 stitches, a single wrap short row heel and 2×2 ribbing for the cuff. I used 2.5mm needles and they seem to have taken me almost 4 months to make from the first time I cast on for them (and then ripped what I’d done).

I am trying to finish off things before casting on for new things, I will probably still end up casting on for another pair of socks, I have an urge to design another pair of Fixation socks with one of the new colours I got in Portland. I will try to work my way through my knitting basket at the same time though, I got out the Diamond Fantasy Shawl last night for the first time in ages and did a few rows, I’ve now done half the pattern repeats, but as anyone who has knit a shawl knows that doesn’t mean that I’m actually halfway through it, I still haven’t finished the first of 3 skeins of yarn I have for it!

I finally won a swift on Ebay yesterday which I’m excited about, I had been outbid on about 3 of them recently and they all went for far more than I wanted to pay. I got this one for £14 ($26.60) including shipping from Sweden, they are about £30 new so I’m happy with that price and looking forward to doing some more winding, it makes stuff much easier to store when you can stack it up, it doesn’t roll out of the cupboard when you open the door!

Thanks for the congratulations on the last post, I appreciate it. I won’t be knitting hats, booties or mittens for the new arrival as I never used any of those on Little One and doubt I will this time either. I do have some yarn that I’d like to use for a blanket (nothing exciting, it’s Red Heart baby terry but it’s soft and machine washable) but besides that until we know what flavour we’re getting I won’t be making much as I need to know what my colour options are!


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