Phildar Cardigan FO

Yes, you read that right, I finally finished the seaming on the Phildar Cardigan, everyone give a big cheer!

Ok, Ok, so there are no buttons on it, but I did BUY buttons, it turns out that they are too small for the buttonholes though so I will need to buy 5 more buttons for it, that’s not stopping me calling the damn hellish thing finished though! The yarn was Wendy Cotton Knits As Aran which I bought off Ebay an age ago, I think I used 5.5 balls but I can’t remember and didn’t make a note anywhere, I also can’t remember what size needles I used but I think from the gauge of the yarn it was around a 5mm, I know it was a quick knit and 5mms tend to make your knitting go much faster.

The knitting of this cardigan was fine, it was the finishing that killed me and it’s been hanging around forever waiting to be finished. It wasn’t even the main seams that gave me the problems, it was purely that I didn’t look at the picture before I sewed on the front bands and then I discovered that I should have sewn the collar on first before the bands and threw it aside until I could be bothered to unpick. It seems I was right to put it off as well, I managed to clip the actual knitting rather than the sewing yarn THREE TIMES whilst trying to get the front bands off, so I now have three little patches where my knitting it knotted together, hopefully it won’t all fall apart when I wash it! Once I got it all unpicked and started the sewing it wasn’t too bad at all and the buttons won’t take me very long at all.

This is a shot of what it would have fit me like before I got pregnant and grew out of everything

The armholes of this sweater are really tight but that makes the thing more fitted so I’m ok with that and one day it will fit me again, so you see there’s no great rush for the buttons!

As you might notice from my WIP list I did cast on for another pair of socks, a Fixation pair that are going really well, I’m happy with the yarn and the pattern I’m writing with it, it is a bit odd to knit socks with such thick yarn on such ‘big’ needles after 3 pairs in a row on tiny needles but I’ll get used to it again I’m sure.

I still want to finish things off so I may dig out Licorice Whip again next, I’m on the waist increases so not all that much left of the body and then it’s just 2 sleeves in the round so hopefully I can get it made and in the box with everything else that won’t fit me!

Oh, and I’ve discovered that if you write your Blogger posts in the Edit HTML view you can paste things in, makes it so much easier to put photos in as you don’t have to wrestle with that stupid Blogger photo tool and then manhandle the pictures into place.


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