I went to pull the Shetland Triangle out of my knitting basket yesterday and about a third of the stitches fell off the needle. Had I bothered putting in a safety line it would have been ok, but I wasn’t in the mood to mess about trying to fix it and get the right number of stitches so I ripped the whole thing out. I hadn’t picked it up to knit on for about a month or more and I think the bamboo yarn I was using was a bit thick and bit too rough for a shawl so it’s back in the stash yet again for the poor bamboo, although this time it’s been neatly wound on my ball winder.

I also took out Tulips and realised that I had no love for the project and couldn’t be bothered with it anymore so that’s also been wound up into nice little cakes and will go back into the stash.

I keep finding patterns that I want to knit but I don’t have the yarn in my stash for them and no cash to buy any more so I’ve just started another spreadsheet of patterns to knit in the future. I whittled down a previous list I had as I’d gone off a lot of the things I had on there and a lot more of it I couldn’t remember what they were so I only kept the things that I could remember and still wanted to knit. There are a few fairisle things on there so I really do need to find a thin yarn to replace 100% wool thin yarn, anyone got any ideas? I’m not going to use acrylic as it doesn’t wear well at all and after all that work the last thing I want is for it to go horrible after the first wash.

So, it seems it’s sock for me for the foreseeable future, they seem to be the only thing I can concentrate on. I have done five repeats on the sweater sleeve so that’s moving slowly, maybe sometime soon I’ll actually find a project I have stash yarn for…

The decorating began today, we still have a lot to do tomorrow but I’m sure it will be fine, the paint is a little bit bright, but I guess that’s better than dull and boring!


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