Lana Grossa Socks FO (pair 2)

I finished off these socks this morning, the yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Scala shade 6531 which we bought from Get Knitted. It was in their sale yarn so I think it might be being discontinued but they still had some last time I browsed their site.

This is another pair for DH and they knit up pretty fast on my standard 2.25mm needle 72 stitch pattern. I noticed after the heel of the second sock that I’d done something that I’ve never done before, way way back I dropped a stitch! Luckily it was pretty easy to see and I’ve sewn it in so it should be ok, it was far too far back to try and pick it up all the way to where I was and I wasn’t ripping back for anyone.

The stripes are almost matched on these, I did try to get it right but underestimated how much I’d need to do a row when I was deciding where to start the second sock. I’m all out of sock yarn for DH now so I can get on with working through some of my sock yarn stash!

I’ve decided that next I will finish the first sleeve of Licorice Whip and then I will do the second Fixation sock and then the second sleeve of Licorice Whip which will clear out all my current projects besides shawls which are long term projects and don’t really count to me as WIP’s. I can’t decide what to cast on for next, mainly because there is nothing besides socks or accessories that I could knit right now that would fit me for quite a few months… I have a ton of yarn and a ton of patterns but none of them seem to match up. At least I’ve got socks to keep me busy, so I apologise in advance if this blog becomes all socks all the time!


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