Nightdress FO

I finally finished a Sew Retro project. This is my pattern, bought from Mom’s Patterns and dating from 1967, Simplicity 7363:

Image Hosted by

I made the short nightdress, but mine looks a lot plainer than the one in the picture:

Image Hosted by

I didn’t bother with the ribbon at the neckline as something around my neck and in my face while I was trying to sleep would drive me mad! The fabric is a Robert Kaufman print which I bought from a co-op.

I’m not as pleased with this as I thought I would be, I think that the photo on the pattern is a bit deceiving, either that or my fabric is a lot heavier and thus doesn’t stand out like the pattern one does. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get some use from it, I’m normally a pyjama person but this is such a fun print that I want to wear it!


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