Like most people who have no patience we download a lot of US TV, I think at present there are 7 programmes that we like to watch.

I just can’t figure out how people in the States keep up with what is on when. What is wrong with putting on a show and then leaving it to show every week until the series is done? There are month long gaps between shows, some stupid almost 2 month gap over Christmas and various other spaces between shows. There just seems to be no continuity, how they expect people to follow what’s happening and get involved enough in the programmes to keep viewing them I have no idea.

In England once a show is on it’s pretty much on except for the odd major sporting event or Christmas week. If something is shown on a Wednesday then you can basically count that it will be there each and every Wednesday until the series is over. I have to keep checking Ep Guides online to figure out when our shows will be on and sometimes one week it will tell you that the show is on the the next week and when you go to download it the show has moved two or three weeks further away….

It’s no wonder TIVO is so popular, if 7 shows are this much of a headache then I can’t imagine what the rest of the tv programming is like!


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