Martha from Rowan 37 has been in the back of my mind to knit for a long time, and when searching around for something I could make from stash I decided to give it a go. I think what stopped me, besides the fact that every row you have to count, was that I tend to stash Rowan 4ply Cotton in bags of 10 and Martha only calls for 8 balls in the largest size. Although the 4ply cotton has a lot of yardage per ball it always annoys me to have bits leftover like that. However, I bought only 9 balls of 4 ply in the colour Zest from Jeanette’s Rare Yarns on Ebay a while back and decided that a citrus cardigan was just the ticket as my next knitting project.

I swatched and cast on Sunday evening and have been making slow progress since then, this is where I am on the first sleeve (I always knit a sleeve first to break them up, I can’t knit the same thing twice in a row, drives me insane)

Image Hosted by

The colour it totally wrong on that, the photo of the yarn itself is much more true to the shade.

I’ve only messed up one row so far, got excited that I knew what I was doing (which causes all kinds of problems with a Rowan pattern!) and cruised ahead only to discover that I should have been making the holes on that row. My trick for a Rowan pattern is to keep precise notes for each section. By section I mean each step of the instructions, for example at the moment I am increasing every 6 rows so I have a post-it stuck to the pattern and am keeping track of it on there, not just the rows but how each row begins with the extra stitches, when I’ve finished doing that step I will toss the post-it and start another for the next stage, it’s the only way I have any idea what’s going on, especially with my pregnancy brain which can’t remember things from one minute to the next!

I ordered all my baby items and am now impatiently waiting for them to arrive. I have discovered that although the baby has a ton of 0-3 clothes the things for 3-6 months are a bit lacking so I will begin sorting out items for that age bracket. We do have a lot of shorts which won’t be that useful this time considering that when he’s 3 months it will be October… At least that’s still tiny small clothes which are fast and exciting to make so I will get to work on them soon as I can.

Didn’t manage to get any sewing done on Sunday but I did sort out the boy fabrics which was something. Monday’s I don’t tend to do anything when Little One is at Nursery except sit on the sofa and breathe a sigh of relief that it’s quiet after the weekend! Back up there today though to get that t-shirt underway, it’s all cut out so shouldn’t take long once I get going on it.


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