Slogging Along

For some reason the change of the clocks (our daylight savings started on Sunday) has really thrown me and made me tired so things are progressing very slowly here at the moment….

I am almost done with the increases on the sleeve of Martha, then just a few inches straight before doing the sleeve cap. I’m enjoying knitting this and have figured out the stitch pattern which makes it a lot easier to knit.

In other knitting I am on the foot of another top down sock for DH, I needed something plain to work on and some new yarn he wanted arrived so I cast on and got going on that. It’s a Lana Grossa Cotton Fun yarn which is very different to knit with than the wool I’ve been using for him previously and also different to the all cotton yarn I use for myself. It’s on 2.5mm needles over 60 stitches so it’s knitting up pretty damn fast too which is nice!

I must get out the second sleeve of Licorice Whip and get that out of the basket. We’re watching yet another series of 24 (onto series 4 now) and that is pretty easy knitting so I should vow to get it done by the time Jack’s done sorting out whatever is going on.

Sewing wise I had an hour of tidying and sorting yesterday while MIL was here playing with Little One. I put stuff away, got stuff out and made piles of what I want to make in the near future. The biggest decision was to call it quits on the bag I was supposed to be making for my Mother’s Christmas present (yep, still haven’t done it!). I decided that I will make her a smock type apron instead. We’re going to visit them next week for Easter so I hope to get it done and take it with us, hopefully that should be achievable. Now that the room is sorted out fully and things are clear in my head I can get on with sewing up the stuff, I still need that black ribbing for the maternity trousers, I will get to Abakhan hopefully this weekend and see if they have any, if not I will have to hunt some down online.

Sorry, pretty dull post…..


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