Poo Pockets Nappies FO

Finished these off the other day, I made 6 in total, 2 of each patterned flannel.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

These were made completely from leftover bits from my stash so I’m pretty pleased with them! The bodies are 2 layers of killington flannel (ok, not actually a leftover as I have some yardage of this, but I’ve had it forever so nice to use some of it up!) and 1 layer of patterned flannel. The soakers are cotton french terry or hemp fleece. I will add some aplix (velcro) to them once they baby is big enough not to need the fronts folded down to fit. We have some aplix wraps which will hold the nappies in place without pins/snaps/aplix so they should work just fine. These are really really soft nappies but I’m wondering how well the flannel will wash at 60 degrees, I think they will look pretty old pretty soon but as they were basically ‘free’ besides the pattern and the time I’m not too worried. I just wish the pattern had a more appealing name…

So, I did my mending and sorted through some projects that I have out and about and cut out the pattern for the next maternity shirt I’m going to make, just need to cut the fabric and get going on it now. I am a little concerned as it’s a kimono sleeve shirt and I don’t know if the front top bodice is going to be long enough, but I’m hoping that with the band below it that it won’t cut right across my chest. On my body my chest sits quite high (not all pert and alert, just high lol) but compared to standard patterns it seems to be lower than ‘normal’ and I’ve yet to figure out how to make adjustments to compensate for it, one day I’ll get it sorted. I must get the rest of these maternity garments made and out of the way so I can get on with other stuff that’s less pressing but more interesting! The bump has grown now so that I need really quite long maternity tops to cover the panel on the front of my trousers and I’ve not got many that do the job!

The knitting is crawling along, almost at the toe of DH’s sock and have actually done a few more repeats on that Licorice Whip sleeve, it’ll get done one day!


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