Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fun Socks FO

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Just finished these off for DH this morning, they were a pretty quick knit on 2.5mm needles with 60 stitches. Didn’t use a pattern, just my normal dull sock method. I’ve decided that my next pair will be for me from some of my Sock Candy collection, I am going to try and really simple pattern just to give it some texture but make it easy enough that I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing.

I need to weigh the yarn I have left from these to compare it to the ball that DH is using to make Little One some socks. I think by the look of it DH should be able to get a pair of toddler socks out of this ball and I should be able to knit a pair of socks for him out of the ball he’s using, never thought I’d be sharing yarn with my DH!

I ripped out the Anastasia socks this morning, I had only done the toe and about half an inch of the pattern. I just don’t feel like using charts and having to count on socks at the moment. I do need to knit the second of the socks I’m designing from Fixation. They first one looks great and I’m just being lazy not bothering to get on with the second one!

Made some more progress on Licorice Whip, I know I keep saying that I will finish this but I now feel like I can do it, I’ve done almost 5 repeats out of the 15 sleeve decreases needed so it feels like I’m getting somewhere. As long as I keep picking it up and doing a few rows here and there I should get it done soon.

I cut out a maternity shirt yesterday, will get on with some sewing of that this afternoon while Little One is at school. I’m feeling motivated again to get on with things. I had a burst of motivation about a month ago and sorted out all the baby stuff and have since stopped dead in my tracks and done hardly anything so it feels nice to want to get things done again.


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