And So It Begins

Over the last few days I’ve started to put some thought and research into getting our immigration plans underway and have spent many confusing hours surfing around the US Government websites trying to figure out whether certain rules and regulations apply to us or not. Let’s just say that just because it’s a regulation for applying in the States doesn’t mean that it applies to our application over here, very confusing indeed.

So far I’ve figured out getting my Social Security Card to have the right name, whether or not I need to backdated tax returns (no, thankfully!), that my kids actually are US citizens (had my Dad retired 6 month’s earlier they wouldn’t have been..), that I need different birth certificates from the one I got issued with for Little One and will get for new baby but I know where to apply and how much that will cost, what we will need to use on the Affidavit of Support we will have to file in the next stage and a few other things here and there. All of that along with a great shock of how much it will cost…. Ouch.

I got the printer ink refilled and have printed off the first sheaf of paperwork and we can start filling in forms and photocopying documents so that when I get my new Social Security Card we can pay the US Government $190 (just the first payment, and that’s a small one!) to consider whether they want my DH to live in America or not. The whole process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on whether we have the right information and how busy the processing centres get. We’re hoping for about 9 months for the visa to be issued and then we have 6 months to move after that.

We even figured out the other night where in Portland we want to live, which is amazing for us, we normally don’t agree on things so easily! We did have quite a wide area in mind but have narrowed it down to around SE Division and no further out than 70th Street, we’re happy to go North or South of Division by a few miles, we don’t have to live right off it, although we both really would like to. We would like easy access to Mt Tabor Park but as long as we can walk to one of the other many parks in that area within 5 minutes and to some local shops we’ll be happy. Anyway, having an area means that I can narrow my search for property prices and rental information as well as schools, parks, shops etc etc etc which makes it a whole lot easier considering that Portland is about 6 times bigger than Liverpool!

Now we need to sort out when we want to put the house on the market…. Rentals over here aren’t as fluid as they are in the States, you tend to have to sign a year or 6 month contract rather than being able to go month to month. We also will not be able to afford to rent a house similar to the one we live in now as the rent would be almost £400 (about $760) more a month than we pay on our mortgage and we don’t have that kind of money. We have to make sure that we stay within the area so Little One can carry on going to school and that there is access for the cats and dog, so no top floor flats! We are getting on with finishing the house so that we at least get to live in it for a few months done, we had the downstairs doors stripped of 100 years of paint and they look fabulous. Once we’ve finished the door frames, waxed the doors and hung them back up we can take off the upstairs doors and get going on those. All the rest of the jobs that need doing are pretty small, they just need the time put in, we want/need to have the kitchen repainted and there is some work in there that could be expensive and we need to figure out how to get that done soon as possible….

In non paperwork or mental stress areas I have started the second Fixation sock that I’m designing, am doing another pair of Lana Grossa Cotton Fun socks for DH and haven’t touched anything else in ages. I may go and do a few rows on Licorice Whip now so that it’s been out of the basket this month, I think it’s taking me so long to finish this damn thing because it’s dark grey and pretty dull to work on but also because it won’t fit me once it’s done and that’s a bit depressing really. Martha is still buried as well, must find the counter and figure out where I am and make some progress on that too, but my goal is to get Licorice Whip and that second Fixation sock done and then I will feel like I have gotten all the old projects off my plate. I’m working on another maternity shirt and have cut out the summer linen trousers as well but I’m getting really bored of making such large shapeless garments so things are slow moving. I have a day to myself tomorrow so hopefully I can get something made up and finished.


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