New Project

I decided that as I’m now on the foot of the Fixation Socks, which means that they will hopefully be done by the weekend with some work and luck, that I wanted a new project to sink my teeth into. The shawls aren’t going anywhere as I don’t have the time, patience or concentration level to work on them at the moment so I will be down to just Martha and a pair of plain socks which isn’t a great deal of variety for my easily bored brain.

I went through my big box of patterns that I’ve printed off the internet, threw away a great many of them and then pulled out about five that I really was interested in making right now. Unfortunately I can’t afford new yarn and I have a biggish stash that I need to start using more of so I sat down and tried to match patterns to yarn and once again found that I seem to buy yarn that doesn’t ever go with what I actually want to knit… I did finally have some luck though with Thermal from Knitty Winter 2006. The yarn the pattern calls for has some silk in it so I figured I’d be alright subbing cotton for the yarn used and that as I have 2 bags of Phildar Licorne I definitely had enough to meet the huge 1,980 yards called for to make this sweater. So I swatched, convinced that my stash would once again let me down and that there was no way I was ever going to make gauge on needles that I actually owned, only to find that I was spot on using the called for 3mm needles and I actually had the right length circular to get the job done!

I cast on last night and did about 4 rows of the twisted rib, and realised that this sweater is going to take an age to knit! The body is knit in one piece which is great, but it’s 280 stitches on 3mm needles, a row takes forever! I also realised that I do this all the time, I love small gauge knits but forget how much time and knitting they take to actually make. I guess my love for small gauge won’t be ending anytime soon so I should get used to it. So I’m now knitting 2 sweaters on 3mm needles with thin cotton yarn and the shawls aren’t much better as they’re on 3.5mm needles using thin cotton yarn!

I put a new stat counter on my blog to see where people came from and what they’re looking at and was surprised to see how popular the sock patterns are, especially the Lace Wings Fixation Socks. It’s funny to me that those socks are the most popular as I don’t actually own a pair of them (I made them for a Sockapaloza swap) and I wasn’t all that enamoured with the results. Isn’t it always the way? I also discovered that my sock patterns are linked to all over the place which I hadn’t realised and is very flattering. No one has come forward yet to say that they’ve actually made my socks, although there is a Cascade Fixation Sock Knitalong which has a few pictures of the Lace Wings, but it’s nice to know that the patterns are getting some attention, I was convinced that I was the only one who ever looked at them, and I only tend to view them as reference for new socks!

I am wondering though looking at all the hits I get a day (minimum was 130 on a day I didn’t post, nowhere near the book deal bloggers but still a huge number in my mind and very flattering) whether I’ve offended the comment gods somewhere along the line. I love the communication with like minded people that the blog brings me and lately I’ve had very very few comments which saddens me and makes me feel a bit dull. I understand that I’ve not been making as much as I normally do and that my knitting production in particular has fallen to just socks here and there, but I miss the emailing in response to comments that I used to do, the only knitter I know in person is my Mother so talking to other knitters online means a lot to me. Anywho, perhaps when I start making more than socks and maternity clothes and start having something more interesting to say for myself the comments will come back, I hope so anyway!


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