Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Maya Socks FO

Lana Grossa need to make the names of their yarns shorter! I finished these on Saturday for DH

That tiny bit of yarn to the side of the photo is all that was left when I was done! Little One picked the colourway and DH made him a pair of socks from it so I was using up the leftovers. I did a very quick weigh on my not too accurate (for knitting yarn!) kitchen scales and estimated that I should be able to do a five and a half inch cuff on each sock and I was just right! The colourway is 5020 and it’s my bog standard non pattern on 2.5mm needles over 60 stitches.

As promised this is what Thermal looks like so far:

I’ve done another few pattern repeats since then, it’s slow going and each row is taking me about 10 minutes judging by the fact that I can just knit a 4 row repeat during a commercial-less downloaded US tv show! I have to work straight for 13 inches and I think that I’m probably about halfway there, but I can’t find my tape measure at the moment. I’m now on my 3rd ball of yarn which is pretty amazing. I’m still enjoying knitting it though and hopefully it will keep moving, the sleeves will obviously be much faster to knit and I’ve been debating whether to cast one on or not but I think it would make everything else move slower so I’ve held back for now.

This is the progress of the Lombard Street Socks minus the couple of repeats I’ve done since the photo was taken:

I’m loving the colours of this yarn and enjoying the pattern. I am considering stopping the pattern at the end of the cuff and doing a plain foot though. I can’t see how a cable running down the centre of the top of the foot can be very comfortable when you’re wearing shoes. I haven’t come to a final decision yet, if anyone has knit socks with cables on the feet can you let me know whether they’re comfortable to wear or not please?

In the sewing room I have finally finished my maternity sewing which is good as I’m now 30 weeks pregnant so there’s not a lot of time left to wear what I’ve made! These are the final garments:

The t-shirt is McCalls 4790, the v is ever so slightly off centre, I can never seem to get them perfect no matter how well I mark them and how carefully I sew. The fabric is a flat backed rib I’ve had in my stash forever and ever so it was nice to use a large chunk of it up. I added 2 inches to the bottom of this t-shirt as has been my standard for maternity stuff, on the pattern pictures the models seem to be about 6 months pregnant at most and they’re pretty thin to start with so for my larger and more pregnant body I need the extra length to cover up the front panel on my trousers.

The trousers are Burda 8376. I am obviously shorter and wider than Burda planned for with this pattern as they are a bit tighter than they should be (they still fit though, I’m wearing them now and they’re comfortable) and they were supposed to be cropped trousers but I have hemmed them as full length! I could have worked out how much to chop off the bottom and done them cropped but the weather here has only been really warm for 1 week so far and the fabric I used (from Abakhan) is lightweight enough that they will still be cool even if it does get hot. The maternity panel is situated a little higher on these trousers than on the other pairs I’ve made so it doesn’t sit quite right on me, but as I said they’re comfortable so I can live with it for 10 weeks.

I should have another sewing project to show you tomorrow all going well this afternoon with the final stages of it. It’s nice to be sewing different things after forcing myself to concentrate on and finish the maternity stuff.


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