Plodding Along

I’m still here, just not getting too much done this week that’s worthy of being shown as Little One is on holiday from school and I’ve hit the ‘I’m really over being pregnant’ stage of this pregnancy and have been irritable and fed up most of the time (believe me that doesn’t work well with a strong willed 4 year old, there have been many clashes).

I finished off DH’s bag last night. The outside of the bag took all my sewing time this weekend, it was a pretty involved process, but the inside was much easier and I completed all but the false bottom in 2 hours yesterday while Little One gave MIL the run around. I did the false bottom in about 20 minutes last night and I’m very happy with the way the whole thing came out, as is DH. He’s taken it with him to work today so there are no photos yet but I will try and get some when he comes home.

Instead of spending all my time looking at stuff I’m not really interested in on the internet (did I mention that I’m feeling irritable?) I have started to listen to podcasts and knit while Little One watches his morning tv. I’ve done really well on Thermal and am 2 repeats away (8 rows) from the next set of instructions. I finished the first Lombard Street Sock (went with the plain foot) and am in the middle of the second pattern repeat on the second sock and I am 6 inches into the cuff of a plainly knit sock for DH from some self striping yarn that isn’t as exciting to knit as it looks like it will be in the ball. I’ve also done a few rows of Martha, but I mean only a few rows, it’ll get finished one day.

So, now that I’ve finished DH’s bag I can get on with all the other projects I have stacked up to be made. First up are a couple of baby things, but as they’re 3-6 month sizes there isn’t a huge rush on them. I also have a stack of bits to make for Little One, mainly t-shirts as he’s grown recently and things are getting too short. He picked out the fabric for most of them and fabric for his next pair of pjs so I need to trace some patterns and get them out of the way, they’re pretty quick to make.

Hopefully some photos soon.


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