Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag

Sorry for the delay on the photos, I took them but it was so hot over the weekend that I’ve not managed to get a post together, although we did manage to be productive and get lots of other stuff done which I guess it a bit more important than posting to my blog!

So this is the front of the bag, all the fabric for this came from Abakhan, in fact the only thing that didn’t was the magnetic snap which came from Sewing Supply Co-op a while back. The exterior of the bag is linen but it’s got some sort of coating on it which makes it pretty stiff. I interfaced each outer piece with sew in thick interfacing to give it body without weight. The pattern calls for the outer to be thick decorating fabric, the inner to be the same and then for a layer of canvas in he middle. Not only would I never EVER try and sew that many layers of thick fabric on a home sewing machine (at one point I had 8 layers going through) but the finished bag would be so heavy that you would never want to carry it. I’m much happier with my lighter version!

This is the bag opened up. DH was sure he wanted camo and we first found the linen outer and then found a regular green camo and were going to go with that before this fabric jumped out at us and I think it co-ordinates really well. It’s a medium weight poly cotton mix and I have enough left to make some trousers for one of the kids sometime! The front pockets are pleated and lined and the inside of the front flap has a pocket with a zip.

This is the inside hanging pocket which has a zipped section and a section with a smaller open pocket and room for a few pens. It hangs down the inside front of the bag in case you’re wondering!

And this is the back of the bag which has another lined zipped pocket. You seriously have to have a good memory to know where you’ve put stuff in this bag as there are so many different places things could be!

I had intended to do some more sewing over the weekend but I never managed to get into the sewing room. I will get a chance on Wednesday for an hour or so during which I’m going to try and cut out some baby bits and maybe start cutting the Nappy Bag. I have a lot of projects that I would like to get moving with but with Little One off school for another week and the weather as hot as it’s been I’ve just not managed anything at all.

My knitting has been coming along, although again over the weekend it stalled. I have finished the first 13 inches of Thermal and am now ready to work back and forward for a bit before seperating for the sleeves. I have finished the gusset of the first of DH’s current socks and I am halfway through the heel flap of the second Lombard Street Sock, so I’m happy with my progress there anyway. I am still contemplating casting on a sleeve of Thermal, just to make some progress with it, but I will see tomorrow if my brain can contemplate the back and forth of it before I do so.


One thought on “Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag

  1. Melinda Lyon says:

    I’m about to make this bag and I’m really nervous. I found your blog when i was looking up completed bags online. I was wondering if you would be willing to send me an e-mail with the specific kind of interfacing you used becasue i don’t want to do the duck cloth. Also did you use regular 44 inch wide fabric? I bough 2 yards and I’m hoping it will be enough

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