Lombard Street Socks FO

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The pattern for these socks is from Magknits September 2006 edition. The only change I made to the pattern was to totally skip the foot and toe instructions and just do plain knitting as I didn’t think that cables down the top of my foot would be that comfortable when I had shoes on.

I adore the heels on these socks, it’s achieved by alternating sl1 k1 with k1 sl1, so very very easy but incredibly effective and pretty, I will try and remember it for future socks!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Please ignore my swollen feet and ankles, it’s been really warm here the last few days and I am now only able to wear flip flops or Birkenstocks as my feet have grown considerably, very annoying!

This is a pretty easy pattern, it has an 8 row repeat but it’s not hard to pick up and put down and figure out where you are. Even with my horrific pregnancy memory I was able to knit most of the patterning on the second sock just referring to the pattern every now and again. I knit 9 pattern repeats for my socks as I’m not hugely tall, I counted the ones on the pattern and they had 10 repeats from what I can see, but that would have been too long for me.

This was my first pair of socks with a picot edge and I quite like them, although I think if I had thought about it more and looked more closely at the picture on the pattern that I would have knit a couple of plain rows after the picot edge before starting the cable, the first cable pulls at the cuff oddly, nothing terrible and nothing wrong with them, just an observation!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The yarn for these socks was dyed by Kathy, she gave it to me as a present when we stayed with her family on our visit to Portland and I wound the skein into balls with her 2 sons (the smaller ball ran out just before the toe, we didn’t manage to wind very evenly!) which was really fun. It’s lovely to have nice memories tied up in the yarn when you’re knitting and when you wear things, and she got my colours just right, pink, orange and green, fabulous! Thanks so much Kathy, I’m really looking forward to smaller feet and cooler weather so I can wear these!

Carrying on with my ‘all socks all the time’ theme that I seem to have going I am off now to wind up some green Sock Candy to make Hedera socks which are from Knitty Spring 2006 edition. I discovered that I have a ton of sock patterns hanging around the place so I should get on and make some of them! After these I think I’ll do another Fixation pair though as I have quite a stash of that and I’m down to only enough Sock Candy for 3 more pairs of socks, boo hoo!


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