Vintage Shirt FO

I finished this shirt for Little One yesterday using a vintage Simplicity 2049 (I think from the 50’s). He loved the fabric from the moment it came through the door and approved the pattern as well, he’s really starting to take an interest in what I make for him and is expressing pattern and fabric choices which is fun. The fabric is by Timeless Treasures and came from a stash clear out so I only paid for postage on it, can’t beat that!

I love the really pointy collar on this shirt, the pocket detail and the yoke at the back. The only changes I made were to not face the yoke as I didn’t have enough fabric and to put the fifth button down the bottom rather than on the fold down part of the collar, the buttons finished really high on the shirt and as we don’t tuck things in I wanted it to do up a little lower.

Little One wore it today and it fits really well, he didn’t seem too hot either on what was a pretty high temperature day. I think I may make him another one of these if I find some good fabric somewhere, it was pretty easy and the styling makes it a little different from the things you see in the shops at the moment. Plus I love to see him in ‘proper’ shirts, they are just so cute!

I finished off some more sewing today but haven’t taken photos yet and my next project is summer pyjamas for DH, I have had the pattern and fabric matched up since the end of last summer so it’s perhaps time that they got made! I was going to cut them out this afternoon but the heat got to me, I am hoping it’s cooler tomorrow and I will give the cutting a go then, Little One goes back to school so I get my afternoons back again (she sighs with relief!).

On the knitting front it’s still socks. I’m getting on well with the Hedera socks and have cast on for some new Fixation socks as well, still trying to work through that stash. I’ve not touched either Thermal or Martha all week, it’s just been too hot to concentrate on more than short sock rows, if it’s cooler next week I hope to make some progress at least on Thermal, I’m almost at the place where I split for the arms, just 3 pattern repeats to go.


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