Dull Sewing

I’ve been sewing things but nothing worth taking a photograph of! First off I made 3 flannel cot sheets for the baby using some lovely killington flannel that I dyed different colours. The sheets were very easy once I’d figured out the measurements of the mattress and how much I needed to take off each corner to make them fit. I used elastic, thread and dye from my stash so they were pretty cheap projects if you don’t count running the washing machine 6 times for the dye! I did dye other fabric with the sheets though for later use so not all the energy use went for one project!

This afternoon I took 8 inches off the bottom of the dressing gown I made for DH as he said he felt like a Jedi in it and he kept tripping on it while he was walking up the stairs. I’ve been meaning to do the chopping for ages but as it’s so dull I kept putting it off. Hopefully he will wear it more now, it annoys me to see it hanging there unused while he wears a shop bought one instead!

I also made a simple envelope cushion cover to go on the chair in the living room. We bought a new sofa from Ikea on Saturday and it arrives tomorrow (still no idea what we’re going to do with our current sofa and I can’t help lift it so it’s up to DH to sort out!) and we bought a simple fleece blanket to cover the chair we have so I got some fabric from Ikea and whipped up the cushion cover to make it look less dull.

It has been too hot here lately to do much knitting at all, my hands get all sweaty and then it’s impossible to move the stitches along the needles. I did finish the first Hedera sock this weekend and last night I finished the first of DH’s socks so a little tiny bit of progress has been made, but not all that much. I do intend to pick up Thermal again sometime soon but it’s not seen the outside of the knitting basket in a few weeks now and I can’t remember where I was so I need to figure that out as well before I can begin again.

Next up in the sewing room are some t-shirts for winter for Little One. He picked the fabric for these and they’re easy Kwik Sew Sewing for Children ones so I may as well get them done and dusted as they won’t take me long. After that it will be onto the next size pyjamas for him for fall/winter, he’s picked his fabric for those as well already! I’m wanting to get a start on those as I don’t know how much time I’ll get to sew when the baby is here and I would abhor buying pjs for Little One!

So, that’s it from me, pretty dull really….


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