Kwiksew Sewing

I have been whipping up a few bits using the very easy Kwiksew patterns. If you have children you can’t go far wrong with Kwiksew Sewing for Babies, Toddlers and Children, they are very basic patterns for t-shirts, trousers and other bits and bobs that whip up in no time and help build up a collection of clothes for your kids with very little fuss.

First off I whipped up these long sleeve t-shirts for Little One from KSSF Children, size XS

All the fabric was from my stash and Little One picked out the prints that he likes. He’s had t-shirts from the planes and sharks fabric before and obviously liked them! There is enough of both of those fabrics for another t-shirt too so you’ll be seeing them again! These are still a bit big for him but I wanted to get his winter stuff started as I’m not sure I’ll get a lot of time with a baby to make him what he needs.

Then on Saturday I went through the stack of offcuts that I have from sewing for Little One and cut out as many pairs of trousers as I could for the baby from what was there. These are the first 2 pairs that I made up that night, they literally take about 15 minutes a pair to sew, the pattern is from KSSF Babies in the 3-6 months size

I have 2 pairs of jogging bottoms cut from this pattern to be sewn along with a pair in the 6-12 month size. Then there are 2 pairs of trousers ready to be sewn from an Ottobre pattern. I still have a stack of some knits to be made into long sleeve t-shirts and a few jogging suits and sleepsuits that I want to make up, so lots more to come for the baby!

After I’d sorted out the offcuts I had a quick flick through the stash and pulled out about six bits of fabric I know I won’t use and along with a big bag and a half of scraps gave it all away on Freecycle. Turned out there was someone around the corner who’s daughter is new to sewing so it was all gone from the house within 45 minutes of listing it! The Abakhan summer sale starts on Thursday so I now have a few small spaces in the stash bookcase should I find anything there that I want!

I got halfway through cutting my Amy Butler Nappy Bag as well and just didn’t feel in the mood for sewing a bag, but I’m sure that will get made soon. My priority with sewing at the moment is to clear everything off the sofa in the sewing room as when I do have the bay my Mother will be coming to stay so the sewing table will be taken down and the sofa bed put down and there’s no room in there to hide everything!

I have finished up to the armpits of Thermal and am now working on the back so it actually looks like I’ve been making progress which is nice. I have also finished the first Hedera sock, the first of this pair of DH and am turning the heel on the first of the current Fixation socks I’m designing. Hopefully I will have something finished soon as I have found several new projects that I’d like to work on using yarn from my stash!

I got my invitation to Ravelry as well, you can find me here, please add me as a friend as I think I only have 2 people on my list! I have sorted out the listings for all my free sock patterns on there and uploaded about half of my stash and my finished projects but I still have a lot more to add, I’m taking my time and doing a little bit at a time otherwise I’d never move from this uncomfortable chair!

Right, off to get more of Thermal knit, for some reason it’s not knitting itself….


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