Yet More Lana Grossa Socks FO and Newborn CuddleBuns Nappies FO

I have been doing a little bit of mindless knitting here and there when I get the time. I finished the cuff and did the heel of the second of these socks while I was in the hospital and it’s taken me ever since to get the foot done. They’re for DH again and the yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel in shade 5040. I knit them on 2.25mm needles over 72 stitches and did my standard non-pattern pattern. I don’t know why I seem to only find colourways I like in Lana Grossa yarn at the moment for DH, I must branch out and try some different yarns for him. Next up, actually, is some Knitpicks sock yarn and I’m going to, gasp, knit a ribbed cuff on them. Hold me back before I get too adventurous!

I have done a bit of sewing as well, these are the Newborn CuddleBuns nappies that are all done and dusted. There are more in the sewing room awaiting snaps, I ran out of them but there should be more in the post soon so I can finish up. These literally left the sewing table and went right onto a very small bottom thus there being several photos rather than just one of them all!

I made 10 in total and I’m not sure if that is even going to be enough with the other nappies that we have that can be folded down small enough for Tiny’s hardly there bottom. All the fabric was from stash which was nice, again using up some leftovers from Little One’s clothes, but I also pulled out some new prints as the nappy cuts are so small that they leave enough fabric for other things.

Before you think I’m wonder woman sewing these I feel I must point out that I used to make these nappies to sell (along with the larger version which I will make for Tiny when he outgrows these), so sewing them is pretty much second nature and very mindless for me. I sewed them in a production line manner and all in all making 10 (without the snaps which are a real pain in the ass, I miss my snap press….) took me a total of about 3 hours, moving slowly in a half awake daze, so it wasn’t too taxing.

Now that those are done I can get back to finishing off the stacks of stuff that I left behind when I went into hospital. I’ve still not made the changing bag, mind you, I put the changing mat and wet nappy bag ‘somewhere safe’ and have yet to locate them so there’s not much to go in one anyway at the moment…..


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