Last Nappies

These are the final two Newborn CuddleBuns for Tiny, again all fabric from stash, the beige one is from the leftovers of the t-shirt I made for Little One and I still have enough to make Tiny a t-shirt as well!

I made it to the Abakhan sale on Sunday and did quite well. Everything was 10% or more off so I picked up a ton of elastic, some Dylon dye, white thread, some buttons and then got stuck into the fabric. There were 2 lots of the Liberty fabric left, I am still upset that I missed all the rest but being in hospital kind of prevented me from making it to the opening night of the sale…. I picked up 3 yards of the same cotton lawn print in 2 colourways, it was reduced from £5.99 a metre to £1.80 so well worth stashing! I also got 2 cotton prints, fabric for a pair of trousers, some grey cord for a skirt or trousers and some Postman Pat knit to make Little One a pair of pyjamas. I have cut out the pyjamas but lord knows when I will get a chance to make them as Little One has his last day of school today so chances to sew in the afternoon are nil really, they were pretty low anyway considering this week all I’ve done while he’s been at Nursery is eat my lunch and feed Tiny and then head out again to pick him up!

I am really itching to get back to doing some sewing though, hopefully this weekend I can get up there and get some stuff made up. I still won’t be sewing much for me as I have a ton of weight to loose and I have 3 boxes of clothes to try and get back into. I do have a coat, a t-shirt cut out pre-pregnancy, a smock cut out pre-pregnancy, some pyjamas and a dressing gown that I could get working on, plus there is a dress from a vintage pattern that needs to be finished even though it won’t fit me for a while yet, it’s my only WIP, normally I don’t stop working on something halfway through. Add to that the several piles of stuff for Tiny and the 2 bags I’d like to make and there’s plenty to get working on!

I have been working on a sleeve of Thermal and it’s coming along, it’s much easier to do a pattern repeat on a sleeve than on the back of the sweater so I can pick it up and put it down. I think I will cast on for DH’s socks though, I just need to see what size needles people on Ravelry have used with that yarn, I’m hoping that 2.5mm will give me a good fabric but I’m thinking that I will probably need to knit on 2.25mm needles instead.


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