New Yarn

It feels like ages since I’ve bought new yarn. I’m trying to knit from my stash as it’s pretty darn big and there *should* be a ton of projects that I can make, but for some reason I find it hard to match up yarn to projects and if I do match it up I always seem to be 1-2 balls short to make what I want… Anyway, I read on a blog about the new yarn from Crystal Palace called Maizy which is made from maize and it being a vegan sock yarn I had to have some! I also discovered Panda Cotton, I presume from the number of projects on Ravelry using it that it’s been around for a while, but I’d never heard of it, it’s a bamboo cotton mix also fit for socks. So these 4 balls made their way across the ocean from Jimmy Bean’s Wool (great service, fast shipping (my yarn arrived 6 days after I ordered it which is pretty damn good) and International shipping at cost, I will be going back for more!)

I know I said that I intended to finish off the sock was working on and I have turned the heel and am now all ready to get on with the foot, but I couldn’t resist this Maizy yarn, the colourway is called Iguana, so I cast on yesterday and made some progress on yet another pair of socks, that’s 4 on the go now!

I have wanted to make these socks for ages, in fact I cast on for them once before but gave up as I wasn’t liking the way the yarn was working with the pattern. To be honest I’m not sure that this yarn works particularly well, I think the colourway might be hiding the pattern a little bit, but I’m going to carry on as when it’s stretched out on a foot the pattern should become more apparent (I hope!). I also matched up some more sock yarn to my next pair of socks so I’d better get some of these off the needles, if for no other reason than I need them so I can cast on more!

I am still determined to start working through the projects in the basket and getting some stuff off the needles. I was thinking yesterday that it’s annoying how although I enjoy knitting I find myself rushing through stuff trying to get it done so that I can cast on for something else because there are just so many things that I want to make. The weight of the new projects and the anticipation of casting on for them overshadows the joy of knitting what’s currently on the needles and turns it from a fun project into something that’s in the way of me starting something even more fun. I have no idea if that makes sense, I have had 4 hours sleep, but it made sense to me when I thought it!

I did some sewing last night, I am working on an Onion crossover t-shirt that I cut out about a year ago. It’s going together nicely, although there is some odd pulling across the front, I’m thinking perhaps the dress form is set at a bust size too big for the top, I will adjust her later and see if that helps. I just have the hem and the sleeves to do now so I may get it done today as MIL is due at some point. I pulled out some fun projects for myself from the pattern and fabric stash. Tiny has a ton of clothes to wear in his current size (he’s into Newborn size now and a few 0-3 pieces) and as I’m sewing mainly for 3-6 months or bigger there is no rush on what I have out for him. Little One has plenty of pyjamas that fit him at the moment so his new ones can wait until the weather starts to change and the fabric I have out for him is all winter stuff so I will wait and see if he grows any more before I start those (he’s shot up lately and also started to fill out a little bit). So, it’s time to start making some stuff for myself again and I’m excited about it. I will be making things in my pre-pregnancy size and perhaps a size smaller as the weight loss journey begins very soon, I figure new clothes may be a bit more inspiration to get the weight off.

I’m rambling in a lack of sleep kind of way so I’ll shut up and go and knit for a bit instead.


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