New Top

I cut this t-shirt out before I found out I was pregnant and it’s been sitting waiting to be made so I finally pulled it out the other day and put it together. The pattern is Onion 5032 view C, you can’t see too well in the picture but the sleeves have elastic at the bottom of them. The fabric is from Price Immaterial on Ebay, he had a load of nice plain knits at a time when I had some money so I stocked up, I seem to only ever buy prints and needed something to sew with that would go with the prints! As always with Onion patterns it went together really easily, they are so well drafted and easy to make. I have been treating myself to some more Onion patterns over the last few months, trying to get what I have on my list while I’m not getting any patterns from the States (those pattern lists continue to grow!) so there will be some more Onion sewing coming.

So, after all the talk of getting socks finished I’ve been working on the sleeve of Thermal for the last few days, I don’t seem to be getting very far though. I intend to get off this computer and knit away today to try and make some progress on *something*, I think I will carry on with the sleeve for a bit as I’m quite tired and the pattern is easy. There will probably be a bit of sock knitting thrown in for variation though as well as some pattern cutting as tomorrow is the first football game of the season so it’s just Tiny and I here for most of the day which means sewing is on the agenda!


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