Vintage Smock FO

I cut this smock out ages ago, intending to use it as a maternity shirt, but never got around to making it. Whilst trying to fight my way through the stacks of patterns and fabric in my sewing room I decided to get it made up once and for all.

This is the pattern I used, dated 1974, bought from Mom’s Patterns. I seem to have collected quite a few smock and tunic patterns although I don’t like the modern versions and I’m not actually sure they suit my figure!

I used cotton fabric from a sewing co-op that I bought several years ago now, I remember that the fabric was called Nantucket, the buttons are from a local sewing shop.

I took five inches off the bottom of it as it was hitting me mid-thigh and making me look like a barrel, apparently I’m about a foot shorter than the drawing! I also moved the top button down a bit as I don’t like stuff done up under my chin. I also left the huge pockets off which was lucky when I discovered how long it was on me as I would have had to unpick them and re-sew!

I’m happy with the way it came out and it was worth making it properly with the yoke facings etc as it looks quite professional! Whether or not it will get much wear I’m not so sure, it’s one of those things you want to make but can’t really see yourself wearing. Perhaps it will get an outing undone over a black tank top and jeans, we’ll see!

I have a ton of sewing planned for the weekend as DH is away and Little One is going to stay with the In Laws so it’s just me and Tiny. I am going to try and get quite a bit cut out this week so I don’t have to waste time doing that when I could be at the machine between feeding the baby. Hopefully I won’t be too tired and I will actually feel like sewing!

I’m making progress on the first sleeve for Thermal, I’ve got a couple more pattern repeats and then I can start the sleeve cap decreases. I’m also working on the Hedera sock again, hopefully that will get done soon as I feel a bit extravagant having four pairs of socks on the needles at the same time! I found a pattern for my recycled cotton on Ravelry and am trying to not cast on for it yet (thanks for the suggestions left in the comments). I will be lengthening the body and sleeves of the design so hopefully it will work out fine.


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