Hedera Socks FO

I finally finished off these socks, knit the toe last night and kitchnered today, I really enjoyed knitting them so no idea why it took me so long to knit the second, especially as they were a quick knit once I got to work!

The yarn is Sock Candy in Limestone, yep it really is that bright! It’s a really subtle variegated yarn so there are white bits and yellow bits along with the different greens in there. The pattern is on Knitty, I don’t have the pattern to hand at present so I don’t have the month I’m afraid.

I followed the pattern exactly and used 2.5mm needles. I think these are going to be quite baggy socks after being worn for half a day, but I think that as they’re so pretty I’ll forgive the bagginess! The heel flap is a bit longer than I would normally do so I think my gauge was probably off (who has the energy to check gauge for socks?) but it’s not so bad that they look odd when being worn.

Only three pairs left on the needles now, just need to get one more off and I can cast on for a new pair!


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