Sewing Weekend

So this weekend I had the house to myself (well, I had Tiny with me but he doesn’t take up much space!) so the plan was that between feeds and my meals I would sew sew sew. The day started off well, I got this simple tank top done quickly. I spent as much time at the ironing board as I did the sewing machine with this as around the neck and the arms I folded the hem and then folded it in half again. I’m glad I took the extra time though as it looks good.

This tank wasn’t designed to be a stand alone garment though, so after lunch I got back to work on my next garment. It looks pretty harmless here all finished doesn’t it?

It took me hours and hours to get the neckband to work on this t-shirt. I can’t decide whether it was the pattern at fault or my fabric which was too stretchy but the first time I applied it there were no gathers at the front and the neckline was all floppy. So I unpicked it, gathered the front as much as I could and tied off the gathering threads and then sewed the neckband on stretching it as I went and overlapping the ends at the back. I cut off a good four inches of neckband that I didn’t need.

I thought the problems were over, but no, it required two more ripping out episodes while I tried to flip the neckband inwards and fasten it down. The pattern calls for you to slip stitch it down but it’s not quite that easy with knit fabric. I can’t believe they call this an ‘easy’ pattern when you would end up with a terribl neckband if you didn’t get it spot on with the hand sewing. I thought I could stitch in the ditch but that didn’t work and then I tried to stitch around the middle of the band but that didn’t work either. In the end I edge stitched the band after measuring it and ironing it so it was an even width all the way around. Then I slip stitched it down inside. It looks a bit of a mess inside and there are small holes all around it where I’ve ripped out stitches but hopefully no one will notice them and it looks ok when on, although it’s too tight around the hips for me yet.

The pattern is McCalls 5271 and despite the problems with the neckband (I have a plan of how to attach it differently next time!) I have a couple of combinations in mind, my next one will probably be the short sleeve version I think. I do really like this combination, sheer luck as the fabrics were located next to each other in my stash, and I ‘m looking forward to wearing it eventually. The tank will look nice under other things as well, I adore that fabric and am glad that I got to make something else from it (I have a simple t-shirt that I made from it before). The tank fabric was from Abakhan and the t-shirt fabric from Price Immaterial on Ebay.

So, I didn’t get as far as I wanted to on Saturday. That evening I cut out my next project, a pair of pyjamas and started sewing them on Sunday morning after a bit of a lie in. I got the bottoms 95% done, I need to buy some twill tape to finish off the drawstring waist, I must learn to read what notions I need before starting to sew! I’ve also made a start on the top, although again I’m having neckline issues, this time it feels like the neckline is going to be right under my chin, but we will see when it’s sewed up properly, I have the facings to put on yet which will make it 1.5cms lower.

DH and Little One appeared home several hours earlier than I thought they would so I had to abandon plans to finish off the pyjamas. I’ll now not get a chance to touch them until Thursday as my sister is coming to stay.

I had hoped to finish the pyjamas and start on something else, as usual I have several projects out waiting to be made, but it wasn’t to be. I’m glad I got to do as much as I did though and I’m happy with the results so far, I’m looking forward to Little One starting full time school now (although I don’t want him to !) so I can do more sewing, I’ve really missed it.

Haven’t done much knitting, I did finish off the first of DH’s Knit Picks Palette socks, just need to kitchener the toe. I want to try and do some work on Thermal today before going to meet my sister off the train so I’d best get off this computer and get going as a small baby is going to require some food very soon!


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