Vintage Shirt FO

So, I didn’t get to finish the shirt when I wanted to, but I did get up into the sewing room last night to finish it off, all it needed doing was the back neck facing and the hem. Here’s the finished item:

and this is the pattern I used for it, I’m not sure what year it’s from.

I really like this shirt. I adored the fabric when I found it and when I saw this pattern I knew the two had to go together, it’s taken me a bit longer than planned to actually make it though! The size 18 1/2 is a 41″ chest which is just a bit too small for me but it should fit in a few weeks if I can stick to the diet. As you can see from the pattern picture I left off the tie, I’m not into those. Apparently though for a person who hates to sew gathers I sure do like wearing things with them, the dress I have planned soon for my Sew Retro project also sports gathers and the pyjamas and smock also had them!

I finally finished the first sleeve for Thermal, next up I intend to finish off the back and then I will cast on for the next sleeve. It’s not a hard project but it just seems to be taking me forever for some reason. I also turned the heel on the second of DH’s Knit Picks socks so those should hopefully be done soon. I’ve made a little progress on the Elfine socks but not too much and I am almost done with the ribbing of Sprout but I only let myself work a few rows of that as a treat when I’ve done work on other things, as the rows are 194 stitches long (no side seams) they take a while though, I’m loving the 2nd Time Cotton, it’s lovely to knit with.

I will keep plodding away and hopefully have a knitting FO to show soon. When Little One is back in school I intend to get on with my shawl knitting as well, the Diamond Fantasy shawl has been on the needles for far too long but I need silence when working on it so when I finally get some I will hopefully make some progress with it and then can work on the other 2 shawls also on the needles, opps!


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