Knit Picks Sock FO

These are Knit Picks Palette yarn in Verdant Heather using my bog standard plain 72 stitches on 2.25mm needles non-pattern that I use to make socks for my DH. This yarn is quite nice, but I thought that on 2.5mm needles the fabric was too loose for socks which is why I knit them on such small needles.

You can’t really see well from the picture what a nice heathery green these socks are but they’re subtle and pretty (or should I say handsome considering they’re for a man?), I will add more of this yarn to any Knit Picks order I make in the future for making more socks for DH, especially as it’s only $1.99 a ball!

I literally just got this yarn in the mail right now, it’s more Maizy and I won it on the Vegan Sock KAL blog for posting some vegan sock yarn reviews. The colour is Hibiscus, it’s more pink than the picture shows I figured it was about time I had some plain colours in my sock yarn stash!

I will be adding some more plain colours when I order stash sock yarn too, there are some very pretty ones to be had in both Maizy and Panda Cotton that I’d like, but as I have a lot of sock yarn already in my stash I will be adding it slowly a few balls here and there rather than buying everything I can get my hands on all in one go!


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