Sprout(ish) Cardigan FO

Finished November 2007.
Pattern is Sprout from Boogie Knits
I added 5 inches to the length of the body and the sleeves.
Yarn is Second Time Cotton bought in Abundant Yarn in Portland a year and a day before I finished this off. I used a tiny bit over 5 skeins in the Istambul colourway.
Buttons from my button box, they’re wooden. I did a 1 row buttonhole from Vogue Knitting and it worked out quite well, there are a few holes but I’ll be using this buttonhold for almost everything in the future!
4.5mm and 4mm needles.

I’m really happy with the way this came out, it’s exactly what I wanted, a simple plain cardigan to show off the yarn. It’s something that I can throw on over a t-shirt in summer or winter but could also dress up a bit if I wanted to.

The yarn was lovely to knit with, I want some more for my stash.


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