The universe seems to be trying to figure out just how much I can take at the moment. On Sunday evening Tiny ended up being admitted to the hospital with Bronchialitis. Luckily we live in a city with a really good children’s hospital so he was well looked after, but I could have done without spending most of my time until Thursday morning in the hospital. H spent time during the day there from around lunch until after dinner when I would arrive with Little One for a swap over. Luckily he recovered quickly and is now doing well. It will still take him time to stop wheezing, coughing and to get back up to the amount of milk he was having before he got ill but we’ll get there in the end. I actually didn’t mind being woken up at 4am to feed him (he’s been sleeping through for a while now) as it was a sign that he was getting up to speed on the food.

I have been doing some sewing and knitting though. Before the hospital fiasco I finished off this shirt which is Burda 7989 (a teen pattern!) view A

The fabric is Free Spirit from Abakhan and the buttons are from John Lewis. I love the way this shirt came out but it did come up smaller than the pattern said it would. I made the size to fit a 41.5 inch bust and in the photo it is shown on my dressform with the bust set at 41 inches, somehow I don’t think it’s supposed to have negative ease! There were no straight seams on this shirt, everything is curved to give it it’s shaping and fit which made it interesting to sew.

I’m very happy with the way it came out despite the sizing issue, I will use this pattern again in the future I’m sure.

Today I started and almost finished a knitting needle roll for my Mother for Christmas, I just need to top stitch around the edge of it and add the ribbon to close it and it’s done. Photos when I finish it, hopefully tomorrow.

I have also finished off some plain socks for H, just have the toe to kitchner and then I can get a photo to show of them. I have started the last pair I will be making for him too (already bought the yarn and I won’t use it for myself as it’s wool) and worked on them in the hospital getting almost to the heel of the first one. I’m using Knitpicks dpns and they’re surprisingly nice to knit with. I’ve not used metal needles for ages as they tend to hurt my hands and I thought that these might as well but they’re fine. They’re a lot tougher than I thought they would be as well, I was worried they might bend or give a bit while in use but they don’t so I’m sold, I must remember to check if they do 2mm or not as I’d like a pair that size but have been worried about getting bamboo ones as I thought they’d just break the first time I used them!

I frogged the Elfine’s socks last night, I hadn’t touched them in ages and I finally agreed with myself that you couldn’t see the pattern with the yarn I was using which is a shame as the pattern is so nice and quite complicated to knit. Both yarn and pattern will come out again at some point, just not together.

My challenge for myself is to finish off Thermal by the end of the year. I am almost at the end of the increases on the second sleeve so I really don’t have that far to go. Once the sleeve is done it’s just some seaming and the neckband to be knit so I should have enough time as long as I don’t have my stress levels tested once again. I’ve got a ton of sewing I want to get working on as well, I’m excited about all of it and cut out several patterns a couple of weeks ago ready for a sewing marathon whic has never got off the ground. I also want to get into the swing of posting more regularly again, hopefully I will find more time from somewhere!


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