Yet Another Pair of Lana Grossa Socks

From looking at the socks I’ve knit for H you’d think I have a real thing for Lana Grossa yarns. The truth is that I would have loved to have tried a wide range of different sock yarns, but Get Knitted always seems to have Lana Grossa on sale for £4.99 and I can’t justify spending double that for a pair of socks when there were so many different patterns of Lana Grossa to choose from.

These socks are Meilenweit 100 Inca in shade 1525 and I have to say that this pattern is one of my favourites out of the socks I’ve knit. It’s my bog standard 72 stitch socks on 2.25mm needles, good for tv watching or knitting whilst waiting for something to happen like a webpage to load or the timer to go off for something I’m cooking. As I said in the previous post, one more pair of Lana Grossa socks to go and my wool sock knitting days are over. I’ve got a good stash of Maizy and other cotton yarns to be knitting socks with though so that should keep me happy.

I made my Mother’s Christmas present yesterday, it was a lot quicker than I thought it would be, and although it’s not as perfect as I’d like it to be I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.

You can find the tutorial that I used here, the instructions are really good, I just read them through, made notes of measurements and quick construction notes and then went and made it. I only had a couple of things go wrong on this, the first being that I am incapable of cutting a square or rectangle of fabric, no matter how many times I measure and check it. The top right of the needle roll is all wonky which is really annoying. The other thing that went wrong was that I managed to melt the label I had attached under the stitch marker ribbon with the iron and then get some of the melted stuff onto another bit of the roll in a moment of great stupidity. I decided not not try to attach another label anywhere in the end, I’m still a bit shocked that it melted so badly, I really didn’t think I had the iron set that high.

The outer fabric is a Michael Miller print that I got from Abakhan and the inner is linen that I got from Sewing Supply Co-op years ago now (I bought a ton of it for some reason…). I think they went together really well and the weight of the linen made it heavier than just cotton would have which is good as this roll doesn’t have any padding in it. The stitch markers are lovely, I almost kept them for myself when they arrived but have managed to restrain myself (although I’m sure I will go and buy some more soon!), they’re from See Jayne Knit on Etsy (she’s on holiday for December apparently but do check her out in January).

Today I have worked on a skirt that’s been cut out for ages. I’m having trouble with the zip though and am unsure how to correct it so I’ve left if overnight while I sleep on it, hopefully I will figure something out soon, I really don’t want to take it out again as the fabric is getting a bit thin where I’ve inserted it multiple times already…..


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