Dotty Cord Skirt

This pattern is from Ottobre Woman, issue 5/07 #9. I cut it out a while back and for some reason never sewed it, but it was pretty fast going once I did, despite a few setbacks. I didn’t like the way the pockets were cut across the cord so I re-cut them and also added a seam allowance to the pocket opening to make them a bit larger once the binding was added. The zip was a real pain, took several attempts and still isn’t perfect but as I never tuck in a shirt it won’t be seen so I can live with it, I will have to figure out a better way to put the zip in with this pattern.

The other change I made to the skirt was not to line it (can’t be bothered with that!). Instead I cut a second yoke and used it as a facing which worked really well and gave it a really nice finish I think. I hemmed it using the blind hem stitch on my machine which I need a bit more practice with as it’s not so ‘blind’ (unless you’re on a galloping horse), but if I’d left it to hem by hand it would still be there next Christmas.

The fabric is a really soft baby cord from Abakhan, I don’t think it was a big name fabric, or at least there were no selvages that said it was but who knows! The not so invisible zip was from John Lewis.

I’m really happy with the way the skirt came out and I think I’ll use this pattern again in the future, with and without the pockets depending on the fabric.

I’ve finished the increases on the sleeve of Thermal and now just need to do four more pattern repeats and then I can start shaping the top, I haven’t picked it up today though, perhaps later I’ll do a few more repeats. The yarn is starting to hurt my hands, I think the tension in my shoulders is making my hands bad again (falling asleep all the time and not working so well) so the hard cotton isn’t great to work with. I am still on track for finishing it by the end of the year though, just need to keep doing a bit here and there.


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