Thermal FO

Finally, 8 months after casting on this sweater is finished, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I used 11 balls of Phildar Licorne which I acquired very cheaply from Abakhan, this sweater cost about £4 ($8) which is a bit of a bargain really! It took an awful lot of knitting, Ravelry kindly tells me that I used about 1441 yards of yarn, knit on 3mm needles in waffle stitch it’s no wonder it took me so long to make it!

I knit the 40 inch bust size and it’s very stretchy, being cotton I’m sure it will lengthen with wear, it’s a tiny bit short at the moment but there’s no real point blocking cotton like this as it will do whatever it wants when you wear it anyway. The only change I made to the pattern was to not knit the buttonholes. I knit the first one 3 times and it looked terrible each time so I decided that as I would never open the buttons anyway I’d leave them out and just sew the buttons through both layers. I also knit the first stitch of the button band in regular ribbing rather than twisted rib as it looked really loose and horrid. When putting the buttons on I discovered that I was right about the top of the neckline being open bugging me (it was the only thing I wasn’t so sure about with this pattern) so I added a third button and I think it looks really nice. The wooden buttons were in my stash and I’d had them in mind for this right from the start so I’m glad they looked ok when it finally came time to sew them on!

I feel like a great knitting weight has been lifted and my knitting basket looks so much emptier without this in it! I can now get on and finish one of the three pairs of socks I have stashed in there and work on my Tree Jacket without feeling guilty that I’m not finishing Thermal!


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