New Dress

Little One saw me carrying this out of the sewing room to hang it up in the cupboard and said ‘oh, pretty!’ which was nice to hear! Mind you, he did then ask me if it was another dressing gown but I’ll take the compliment anyway!

This is Vogue 8351 made from some thin jersey I got from Price Immaterial on Ebay. I have adored this print since I saw it and had to own it and I wanted to make more than a t-shirt from it so I was glad to find I had enough to make the long sleeved version of this dress. The top isn’t quite sure how to hang but I think it will look better on real boobs rather than the dress form.

I’m really happy with the way this came out, it was pretty easy to make (it’s an Easy Vogue pattern) despite the gathers. Once again with the gathers, I seem to sew them all the time and as I’ve said before I really don’t like sewing them but I guess I like the look of them as they are on most of the garments I’m making at the moment! There are ties at the back which worked really well and should give the dress more shape when worn. I say ‘when worn’ as this is still a bit too small for me at the moment but I am slowly loosing weight so it will fit in the next few months.

Next I’m onto a skirt that I cut out before this dress but when I found out that you have to do the fiddly hems around the pockets first I put it down and worked on something else. Fiddly first instructions on any pattern tend to put me off a bit, I like to ease myself into the sewing rather than starting with the details but I feel ready to face it now so that will be my project this week.

Knitting wise I didn’t finish the Cafe Curtains sock, I just have the toe to do and as it’s a short row toe I need to have a period of time where I can knit the whole thing start to finish otherwise I will just get lost and confused. I finished the yoke of the Tree Jacket and have done about four repeats on the body, it is growing far more quickly now I’m down to about 180 stitches from over 300! I also cast on for Dawn and am about to start decreasing for the raglan on the first sleeve. This is such a fun quick project, it’s knit on one 12mm and one 6mm needle giving it a nice open look and with that size of needle it flies along. I have to figure out how to join on a new ball of yarn now though, I’m not sure if knitting a few stitches with the old and new yarn will show up badly so I will give it a go and hope it looks ok.

So, my goals for this week are to make the skirt, finish the Cafe Curtains Sock and get going on the second one and to get at least halfway down the body of the Tree Jacket along with finishing the first sleeve and a front or back of Dawn (they are the same). Hopefully that is all possible, only time will tell how this week will pan out!


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