Reaching Goals?

Well, I came down with a cold last week which slowed me down and is still slowing me down now. I didn’t finish off the skirt, I have the zip, waistband and hem to do and then it will be done. It’s looking ok so far, I didn’t put the pockets on in the end as they looked pretty terrible and I couldn’t get them to look neat enough for my liking. Hopefully I will have it done to show you soon, I hate it when I get caught up on a project that isn’t thrilling (it’s a nice skirt and I’ll wear it but it’s not as fun as a bright coloured dress or top!) and holds me back from more fun stuff.

I finished off the first Cafe Curtains sock and have done the cuff and about 2 repeats on the second sock, just need to keep on going with these, the pattern requires attention though so I can’t do it and watch tv fully but I want to get these done asap as I really like them. My only irritation is that I could have done about 3 more repeats on the leg as I had tons of yarn left, I hate to waste yarn like that especially when I’ve had it sent all the way from America and it’s pink and green….

The Tree Jacket has grown a bit but not too much more, I worked on it through a film and have done a few bits here and there but not as much as I’d hoped, the cold had me sitting staring at the tv rather than my normal knitting along with it.

I finished off the front of Dawn today, the raglan took about 40 minutes of knitting including stopping to let my hands stop hurting, I think I’ll do the second sleeve this week as I’m still finding it really fun, it’s great to have a project that grows so fast!

Of course, with everything else I have on the needles and not making as much progress as I want to I ended up casting on for another project last night. I’m making the Fools Rush socks (that link is a pdf file). I’m using the plain Maizy in Hyacinth from my stash and they’re looking really good so far. I don’t think I’ve ever knit a pair of socks in plain thin yarn before (I’ve done some in Fixation) and I’ve not done a pair with a pattern just down the side for years now, I forgot how fast they move! I’m about four inches into them and really enjoying it, plus as the pattern is only 9 stitches on each side and every other row is plain I can knit these with tv which means they should keep growing at an ok speed.

So, I’m happy with my progress but have nothing to show you which makes for a pretty dull post really, sorry!


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