Cafe Curtains Socks FO

I finished off the Cafe Curtains socks, did the knitting yesterday evening whilst half watching tv and then did the final kitchener this morning. The pattern can be found here (it’s a PDF link) and I used 2 balls of Panda Cotton in Strawberries and Limes and 2.5mm bamboo dpns. The only change I made to the pattern was to do 2 extra repeats on the cuff as I had more yardage than the pattern called for. I could have done another 2 repeats on each sock as I had plenty of yarn leftover (I hate wasting it….) but I was cautious as I didn’t want to get to the toe and have to frog the whole sock like I did with another pattern I tried with some Panda Cotton.

These are the first socks I’ve finished with Panda Cotton and I really love the yarn. It’s really soft and silky feeling (it’s bamboo and cotton) and it knits up really nicely. It is splitty but knitting almost exclusively with cotton I’m pretty used to that. This was my first short row toe and I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of short row heels and toes now. I definitely prefer the yarn over method of short rows over the wrapping method, I just find the wrapping confusing and it always looks messy whereas yarn overs don’t confuse my brain and come out looking a lot neater. Now we just have to see how they wear, hopefully the bamboo will give them enough strength to hold together for a long time.

In other sock news I frogged the Fluted Bannister socks I was working on. I realised that I hadn’t touched them in ages because I wasn’t happy that the pattern was showing up with the yarn. There was no real point going to the effort of knitting a pattern into socks where you can’t see it so I will save the pattern for some plain yarn in the future and find something else to make instead out of the many many sock patterns I have in my Ravelry collection. I only have one pair of socks on the needles at the moment which is amzing for me, but I’m feeling like I want to clear out some projects (same old Anna cycle, cast on for tons of things and then feel overwhelmed and try to cut down the number of projects!). I’m really enjoying the socks I’m making so I will stick to them and try not to cast on until I’ve at least got the second one cast one.

I did make progress with the Tree Jacket this week but didn’t do anything on Dawn. I will try and do more work on both of those next week, the Tree Jacket in particular feels like it’s taking me forever and I don’t know why that is, perhaps it’s because it’s in the round so I do the same thing over and over again and only get about half an inch in length which is a bit frustrating.

Thanks so much for all the comments on the dress. I am going with the collar and sleeves which is what I originally wanted to do. I made a little progress yesterday and I have the whole afternoon to work on it some more so hopefully I can get it almost finished today. I feel like I’m really slacking with my sewing at the moment, I noticed in my Flickr folder that I’ve only completed one project this year and that is so not like me, I really need to get myself up into the sewing room and making stuff as it makes me happy and I have so many projects that I want to work on.


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