This is the current state of the Tree Jacket. I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish it by my calculations.

I noticed that I was running a little short on yarn so I started on a sleeve to see how much yarn it would take to knit the sleeves so I would know if I had enough to finish the body. I had 13 balls of this yarn making a total of 1092 yards, the pattern calls for 1050 yards and I’m knitting to gauge so I’m not sure what has gone wrong. This Mission Falls 18/24 cotton has such stupid yardage, 87 yards per ball is really short, I only get 3 inches of the body from each ball and there are ends everywhere especially the yoke where I was getting about an inch from each ball.

So, to finish the sleeves I will need almost 3 balls for each one, then I have another 5 inches of the body to knit so that’s another 2 balls. I’ve knit 1 ball for the first sleeve already so I need a total of 7 balls to finish and I only have 4. The sleeves are huge so I could start decreasing earlier but that isn’t going to save me 3 balls of yarn.

Looking on Ravelry there is yarn in this shade for sale but the dyelot is in the 90000’s and the yarn I have is dyelot 59580 (shade 300) so I really doubt that there is any for sale anywhere and with the dyelots being so very different it could be a totally different shade by now.

So, it looks like I could be ripping. I don’t actually feel too gutted, I’m not sure if I could pull off the turtleneck on this and I think the garter stitch bothers me and will make my chest look a lot bigger than it is (not something I really need), it’s just the fact that I’ve been working on this since November that annoys me and also that I will have to put yarn back into my stash that I don’t have faith in, I mean is it the yarn or the pattern that is at fault here if my gauge is right? No one else on Ravelry has had a problem with the yardage given in the pattern so something screwy must be going on with the yarn.

I think I’m going to bag this up and put it out of sight for a while and think on it a bit. Right now I’m just thinking ‘rip it’ but I don’t want to regret that tomorrow!

ps is anyone else having problems with the spellcheck on Blogger? It’s not worked for me for ages now so please excuse any typos I’ve not found and corrected…


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