On A Roll

I’m really enjoying doing this sewing for Little One, I just wish he’d stop chewing on the t-shirts I make him as it’s really annoying to see the cuffs and necklines all out of shape (it’s a habit he’s had for a while now and it drives me crazy).

So, another outfit for him, although the pieces can obviously be worn separately too!

The t-shirt is Onion 20035 again. The fabric is PRR jersey which I dyed with Dylon (can’t remember the shade). I had to use the grey ribbing again as when I pulled the ribbing I dyed with the fabric from the washing machine I discovered that I’d dyed two small pieces rather than a larger piece folded in half and the pieces I have weren’t long enough to cut the collar from. Anyway, I think the grey worked well with this in the end.

The jogging bottoms are another pair of the Ottobre 3/04 #20/31, the main pieces are from #20 and the pockets are from #31, I left off the back pockets again. I didn’t have any FOE that would work for the pockets so I cut a strip of the fabric and used that instead, I didn’t finish the edges leaving it to unravel a bit like the other edges of the pockets will do.

Little One liked the bottoms but said that motorcycles were too fast and noisy…. I’m sure he’ll wear it when it’s a bit warmer and he forgets about the noisy fast motorcycles!

Today I had a bit of a planning spell in the Sewing Room and picked out what I want to make for Tiny from the fabric I have lying about for him. I ended up putting a few bits into the Freecycle bag (I give away my scraps on Freecycle when I have a full bag of them) as they were too small for anything now he’s grown or I just didn’t feel like looking at another child wearing that print or colour! I cut out a pair of trousers for him from the leftover denim and traced a pair of trousers for Little One to go with the t-shirt that I cut out yesterday and sewed a little bit of today. I also found a pattern to go with the final bit of cord fabric for Little One and picked out a few more patterns for Tiny for when he needs some clothes, I still need to figure out exactly what he has and what he needs in the next size, I seem to recall he has a huge stack of trousers so it will probably only be tops that he’s short of.

I cast on the Green Tea Raglan from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 a couple of weeks ago now and have been making slow progress. I’m using South West Trading Company Oasis (Soy Silk) in Natural and I’m loving the way it’s knitting up. I’ve finished the first sleeve (the sleeves are stocking stitch and the body is moss stitch) and amazingly I’ve still got a load left of the first ball of yarn, I love the fact that there are 240 yards per ball, it makes it worth the money (especially as I got it on sale!).

I’m up to the raglan decreases on the final piece of Dawn as well, I hope to finish that off early next week and then figure out how to block and seam it so I can knit the neckline.

Sockwise I’m stalled on the Fools Rush socks but I have knit the cuff of a cabled sock from Interweave Knits, more info on that one when I can be bothered to dig out the magazine to tell you what issue it comes from. I’m using Panda Cotton again and I’m a little worried that I won’t have enough yarn, all I can do is keep knitting and see I guess.


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