Got It Finished

This skirt has been hanging around in the sewing room for far too long half finished, so yesterday I forced myself to work on it and actually managed to get it done just before I needed to go and pick up Little One from school.

The pattern is Simplicity 4086, I originally cut the pieces for pockets but I couldn’t get the linen to lie properly and they looked terrible so I left them off. The fabric is from Sewing Supply Co-op many moons ago and I’ve tried about 5 patterns in the past only to discover that I didn’t have enough fabric (I had 2 yards) but this pattern worked with that amount.

It wasn’t a hard skirt to make, I stalled at the zip. Zips are my sewing hurdle at the moment and I don’t know why. I’m not actually that bad at putting them in (saying that it took me 3 goes with this one and I still had to do a little hand stitching inside where I’d not quite caught the seam allowance in) and they prevent me from even starting garments and from working at them when I reach the zip installation point. I really need to get over my block and just sew them before they become a really big deal. There always seems to be something that I don’t like doing or am put off doing with my sewing, not sure what causes it, I just seem to loose my confidence now and again.

I went through all my pattern boxes last night and couldn’t find a single thing I wanted to make which is a bit worrying. I think it’s because I have some Burda patterns on the way from and I know there is a dress pattern in there I’d really like to make with a particular fabric I have if I have enough of it. I have been hoping all week that the package will arrive, if it doesn’t come today I will just have to get on with Little One’s trousers or perhaps trace some patterns for Tiny and get going on the things I want to make for him. I’ve got some fabric in the machine dying at the moment for a vintage overalls pattern I found last night in one of the boxes sized 1 year, hopefully it will come out ok.

I discovered that I may actually have enough yarn to finish off the cable sock, I am going to try and do one more pattern repeat and then do the toe, it’s going to be close but I might just make it, fingers crossed. Besides that it’s same old same old with the knitting, a few rows of the scarf and a few rows of the Green Tea Raglan and avoiding the seaming on Dawn!


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