Dawn FO

I finally finished off the seaming of Dawn this morning, I knew it was going to be a real pain to seam which is why I kept putting it off. With the looseness of the fabric I had to make sure that I didn’t pull the seam stitches too tightly or the shape of the sweater would go all funny. I got there in the end though, I’m not entirely happy with it but I can’t see how I could have done it better so I will leave it alone!

The pattern is from Rowan 35 and I used 7.5 balls of All Seasons Cotton in Fern. It is knit on 6mm and 12mm needles, you knit the 12mm and purled the 6mm. The ribbing is on 4mm needles. The only change I made was to just knit 2 inches on 4mm needles for the neck ribbing rather than switching to larger needles and knitting a longer collar which would fold over. The fold over collar was what put me off making this sweater when I saw it in the book but after seeing one with the changed collar on Ravelry I thought the design was much nicer.

Besides working on Dawn I have been knitting away on the Phairo Scarf, I have about a third of a ball left to go and then I get to the fun of dropping the stitches and making the scarf look like more than a tube. I’ve also been working on the second Cable and Rib sock, I started the heel flap and then for some reason compared it to the first sock and discovered that I had done one repeat less on the second sock so had to rip back and bit and do that. I’m working slowly on the Green Tree Raglan, a few rows here and a few there. I don’t mind moss stitch (seed stitch) but it can get a little dull after a while.

I ordered the yarn for a Cobblestone Pullover for my Dad. I wanted to make it out of nice yarn and the only affordable one was Cascade 220 which has been used on quite a few of them looking at Ravelry. I found it over here but it was going to cost £49 ($97) which was a bit more than I wanted to pay. My younger sister agreed to come in on the yarn purchase with me but I still thought that it was going to be incredibly expensive. I was just about to order it anyway and did one more Google search for the colourway I wanted and found an Ebay shop that was selling it much cheaper and managed to get it for £36 ($72) which I’m much happier about, so now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. His Birthday isn’t until August but I want to get going on it not just because I have to knit a 51″ chest but because if I have to move before then I won’t have as much time for knitting while I pack and unpack etc and I would like to be able to wrap up a finished sweater for him instead of some balls of yarn and some needles!

Sewing wise I’m very slowly working on the Burda dress I mentioned before. I am almost done with the bodice, just need to do the armhole facings and the buttonholes and then I can start on the skirt which has set in pockets, something I’ve not attempted before. I am liking the way it looks so far though so I’m excited to see it finished this week so I can move onto something else from my pile of waiting projects.

We had an offer on the house last week but it was too low so we had to turn it down. Hopefully we will start getting more viewings as the weather gets nicer, it’s incredibly stressful waiting for people to want to view it and waiting to move on with everything. I am not a patient person so it sometimes really gets to me and depresses me which is why I haven’t been doing as much sewing and knitting as I would like, I find it hard to motivate myself to do anything when I feel down. Fingers crossed this won’t last that much longer though, the housing market has to pick up soon (she says hopefully!).


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