A Couple of FO’s

I finished off the Phiaro Scarf before I went to visit my parents for a week but didn’t get time to post it before I left.

The pattern is from the newest edition of Knitscene and it was a really easy fun piece to make. Basically you knit a tube and then while you’re casting off you drop the stitches. I really love this scarf, the colours, the drape, the pattern, everything about it really and I can see myself making a few more of these in the future. The pattern calls for 3 balls of SWT Soysilk but I had 2 balls of SWT Bamboo in my stash so I used those instead. The only difference is that my scarf is only 17 inches wide as opposed to the 22 inches the pattern says it should be, but I think it’s wide enough for wrapping around the neck, 22 inches would make it more like a shawl. The colourway is tequila and the balls I had were two completely different colourways which really showed up when it was knit into a tube but don’t stand out after all the dropping of stitches has occurred.

The other thing I finished was the dress that I’ve been working on for what feels like forever. The pattern is Burda 8075 and the fabric comes from Fabric Shack from a collection called The Roaring 20’s, I used 3 yards.

(I couldn’t be bothered to adjust the bust of my dressform which is why the dress is hanging on her a little bit!)

I am happy with the way this dress came out, it will fit me for the summer as I made a largish size and it will be pretty comfortable to wear I think (I can get it on now but it’s a little too tight around the baby flab stomach I’m sporting). I left off the welt pockets in the end, mainly because I chickened out as I’ve never done them before and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to try anything new or fiddly. I also only put on 3 buttons instead of 4 as I will never do up the top one so it seemed a bit of a waste of time to put it on. The buttons are vintage from my Great Aunt’s collection, I had some lovely ones that were a better match but I only had 3 and broke one trying to sew it on with the machine as it was more fragile than I thought….

I’m making another dress next, a Duro finally, and am looking forward to how it’s going to come out. The print I settled on is pretty bright but it will have dark brown for the neckbands, waistband and cuffs so that should tame it a little bit! My Mum bought me the fabric to go with another brown fabric I had but when you compare them in the daylight they’re not quite similar enough to work out and they also didn’t go with the other brown background fabric I have so the print won in the end. Nice to have a fabric stash to shop in at times like that!

I have cast on for my Dad’s Cobblestone pullover and I like the Cascade 220 colourway I picked for it. I’m working on a sleeve first and then will cast on for the body which is going to take forever as I’m making the 51.5″ chest! I also am working on the Frontier Blues Jacket, again from the most recent Knitscene, and have finished one sleeve and am a couple of inches into the body of it, simple knitting on all projects at the moment.

In the rest of life the boys and I had a good time at my parents and also got to spend time at my sister’s new farm. Little One loved being with the animals (she’s lambing at the moment and also has a horse, goats and chickens) and he’s asking when we get to go back so he can ride the horse!

While I was away we accepted the offer on the house, the housing market looks like it’s about to crash here and so it seemed silly to pass up a half decent offer and risk not being able to sell it for less later. I also found a house I want to rent which is an 8 minute drive from my parents house and overlooking open countryside. So now I’m trying to sort out the house exchange as fast as possible so I can sign the lease on the new house. As soon as we have exchanged contracts I should be able to move which is very exciting as I love moving house and the new place seems great (I actually haven’t been inside yet, I looked through the windows as it’s empty and my Mother viewed it for me and says it’s a good house so I’ll trust her as she rented my sister’s farm without my sister seeing it until the moment she moved in!). There’s also the sorting out the separation which is pretty depressing stuff and hard work emotionally but hopefully it will all be done in the next month or so and I can move on and start the next phase of my life, fingers crossed.


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