Rib and Cable Socks FO

These socks suffered an unexplained holiday in the middle of being made, I raced through the first one and then raced down to the heel of the second and then put them down for about a month and didn’t knit a single stitch. On Saturday I turned the heel and started working on the foot and by Sunday evening they were done and dusted!

I’m really happy with the way they came out, the pattern is from Interweave Knits Fall 2005 and is by Nancy Bush. The pattern is really easy to follow, the toe is a little bit odd though, you purl the decreases and it’s a round toe rather than decreasing on each side like I’m used to doing. Anyway, it works and it looks fine, I just found it a little strange to knit but I’m all up for trying new ways of making socks! The yarn is Panda Cotton in Seascape and I used 2 balls. I left out one repeat on the cuff and was glad I did so when I got to the toe of the first sock with only a tiny bit of yarn left. They’re knit on 2.25mm needles for a nice firm fabric which should hopefully wear well and the Panda Cotton is so silky, it feels really lovely.

I’m now working on the Fools Rush socks which were abandoned many moons ago. I think I should be able to finish the first sock really soon, hopefully the pattern repeat I’m on will be the last one before the toe on the first sock. Again with these I flew through the first cuff but then just lost interest which is sad as the pattern is pretty easy and looks nice in the yarn I’m using (Maizy in a plain colour).

My Dad’s Cobblstone is coming along really well, it’s actually the project I’ve been knitting on the most recently as it’s just simple round and round knitting and you only have to pay attention for the garter stitch panels on the side. I am enjoying knitting with Cascade 220, if I used wool for myself I would definitely be stashing more of the yarn.

Besides that everything else is either being ignored or having a row here or there done on it. I’m happy to get another project off the needles though and I’m hoping to have the willpower to finish the Fools Rush socks before casting on for another pair, we’ll see how that goes!


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