Finally Back

Well, I never intended to take a break of any sort from the blog (or internet) but after problem after problem with providers and general bad luck it took me 3 months to get a broadband connection at the new house, but I am finally connected and wondering what it was I did online that took up so much time, I seem to have found new things to fill the day with.

Anyway, we are well settled in the ‘new house’ as Jim* calls it and he enjoyed his new school who have been very good at trying to help with the issues he has which was a relief. The boys are getting used to travelling back and forth every other weekend (I could do without the £60 diesel cost but there you go) and I’ve had 2 full weeks (seperately) on my own while they were with their Dad which was a little bizarre but nice too.

We’ve not really been up to that much besides settling in and finding out what’s available in this area. It’s so nice to have pretty scenery everywhere, although it has been a little odd getting used to tiny windy hilly roads after driving in Liverpool for so long! I drove Jim to and from school as the walk, although it’s only a mile, is up and down some really huge hills and I didn’t think that either of us would make it, perhaps sometime during the next school year I will attempt it at least for one of the school runs!

My most recent find is an Organic farm that does a box scheme. I can’t explain how happy I am to have finally found somewhere to do this with, there was no one at all who delivered to our area of Liverpool unbelievably and I made the decision to try and buy as much organic as I can (my rule is that if there is an organic version of what I want available then I buy it, if not I buy the regular version, don’t have time to visit 4 shops to get what I need) so having a box delivered weekly is very exciting to me. They provide everything that they can themselves that’s in season and then buy in anything else they need to keep the scheme going all year around, but it’s so much better than supermarket organics which have been flown in from around the world. I will have to learn a new way to cook, making menus from the vegetables to hand rather than making a list and going to get everything I want but I’m looking forward to the challenge, and hopefully it will rejuvenate my food blog too. I’ve signed up for the £8 box to start with (they do £6, £8 and £12) and will see if it’s enough to keep us going (our house is 99% vegan now which is so nice), if not I can move up to the £12 box, which is about what I spend on veg anyway, Piggle likes to eat!

I don’t have an awful lot to show for myself on the sewing and knitting front, particularly knitting as it appears that I haven’t finished anything at all in the last 3 months (I do have my Dad’s Cobblestone almost completely done as it’s his Birthday next weekend which is something I guess), and my sewing rate is well down on what it had been before, but as it’s summer holidays and I have Jim around all the time sewing has to take place in the evenings and I tend to be worn out by then so I don’t get much done except when they’re with their Dad. Anyway, I will post an update with some photos as soon as I can, my younger sister is here for a week so time online may be limited.

Well, it’s nice to be back! Hope that everyone is ok etc etc and that I still have some readers left after the long break!

* I’ve decided to call the boys by the nicknames that I actually use in real life to make typing easier here for me, plus Little One isn’t so little anymore (he’s 5) and Tiny (now 1) isn’t so tiny either. So, from now on Little One will be known as Jim and Tiny as Piggle, hopefully it won’t confuse anyone too much!


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